Dear Stakeholders,


With the pandemic and the challenges our country is facing, it has been a year of change in many ways. Through all of this, our communities and the nonprofits and volunteers who care for them in big and small ways, every day, are more important than ever. 


Here at Pitcairn-Crabbe Foundation, we have also been undergoing some changes. If you are a past grantee, you may already be aware that the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies (CFA) now is managing administration and grantmaking for the Foundation.


We spent many months working behind the scenes to ensure that the transition was as smooth and seamless as possible so that grantees and applicants will be able to continue the work they do and seek funding without running into unnecessary challenges or roadblocks. Our hope is that these changes affect our stakeholders very little, if at all.


One thing that is not changing is our mission to honor the intent of our founder by uplifting and serving our community. We want to thank each of you for your role in upholding that mission. You inspire us with the work you do and the depth of your commitment to this region.




Hank Beukema