During the last Fiscal Year, ending December 31, 2018, the Pitcairn-Crabbe Foundation made 19 grants totaling $450,000 with a median value of $25,000. This represents a slight decrease in the total value of grants awarded this year compared to 2017. These numbers are fairly typical of Foundation activity over the past decade.

Board leadership guides Foundation giving that supports Christian Education, Community Improvement, Relief of Distress, and Religious and Church Work. In 2018, the Board approved thirteen grants totaling $370,000 for Community Improvement, two totaling $35,000 for Relief of Distress, one totaling $25,000 for Christian Education and one totaling $20,000 for Religious and Church work. The Director’s granting philosophy allows wide discretion in consideration of both large and small grants, but there is a preference for a more uniform distribution of grants and funds among the areas than was achieved in 2018. 

Over the past year the Board has continued to examine the Foundation’s various roles in supporting complementary activities of Shadyside Presbyterian Church’s community outreach and mission activities. The Foundation is alert to how each organization’s work reinforces and supports the other, while each maintains focus according to individual strengths and productive relationships. The Board will continue to place a high premium on the Foundation’s ongoing and evolving role as an effective investor in the local non-profit community. Key elements in achieving successful outcomes include continued robust Board-staff interaction, timely communications between supported organizations and Foundation staff and rigorous reporting requirements.

The Foundation, by its action in awarding grants, honors the memory of Mrs. Hunt, her mother and her grandparents, for whom she named the Foundation.

H. Daniel Cessna
President (June 2017-Present)
January 1, 2019

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